W1209 Digital Temperature Controller / Thermostat Module

W1209 Digital Temperature Controller / Thermostat Module

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  • Temperature Control Range(C): -50 to +110,
  • Resolution at -9.9°C to +99.9°C: 0.1C,
  • Resolution at all temperatures: 1C,
  • Accuracy: 0.1°C,
  • Refresh Rate(s): 0.5 sec,
  • Supply Voltage(V): 12v,
  • Measuring Inputs: NTC 10K,
  • Cable Length: 150CM approx,
  • Output Type: 1 Channel Relay,
  • Capacity: 10A.


Power Consumption

Static Current = 35mA

Current = 65mA

Environmental Requirements

Temperature: -10 ~ 60 C

Humidity: 20-85%


Temperature Control Range(°C)  -50 to +110

Resolution @-9.9°C to +99.9° *0.1°C

Resolution @all temperatures  * 1°C

Accuracy *0.1°C

Refresh Rate(s)  *0.5 sec

Supply Voltage (V)  * 12v

Measuring Input  *NTC10K

Cable Length  *0.5 Meter

Output Type

1 Channel Relay Output

Capacity  *10A

Length (mm) *48mm

Width (mm) *40mm

Height (mm) *14mm

Weight (gm) *20gm

PCB LH - Dual-layer

Screw hole type- M3

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