TIP36c 100v 25A BJT PNP Power Transistor

TIP36c 100v 25A BJT PNP Power Transistor

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  • IC Number: TIP36C
  • Transistor type: PNP
  • No of Pins: 3
  • Package type: TO-247
  • Package contains: 1 x TIP36C Transistor IC

TIP36C is a PNP power transistor that finds application in general-purpose amplification and switching application. The device is designed and manufactured in planar technology which shows exception high gain coupled with very low saturation voltage.


Collector-base voltage: 100V

Collector-emitter voltage: 100V

Emitter-base voltage: 5V

Collector current: 25A

Max collector current: 50A

Base current: 5A

Collector dissipation: 125W

Operating temperature: -65 to 150 �C

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