SW-520 Tilt Vibration Sensor Module

SW-520 Tilt Vibration Sensor Module

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  • Product Type: SW-520 Tilt Sensor Module
  • Comparator IC used: LM393
  • Output type: digital
  • PCB dimension: 32mm x 14mm
  • Package contains: 1 x SW-520 Tilt Vibration Sensor Module

SW-520 tilt sensor module detects the planner shift and orientation of an object (upright or not). It has 2 balls inside the sensor that makes the closed-circuit when it is upright otherwise the circuit remains open. This sensor is a very low cost, robust, easy installation, and minimum external components required, these all features make the sensor the perfect selection for DIY with Arduino and other controllers.


Small size, simple to use and easy installation

Digital output

Long lifeline

LED indication when the switch is on

Can work on low voltage

Easy interface with Arduino and other controllers


Voltage supply range: 3.3V to 5V

Maximum output current: 15mA

Conductive time: 2ms

Operating temperature range: 0? to +80?

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