PIXHAWK PX4 2.4.8 32-bit Autopilot Flight Controller for Quadcopter ,Multicopter

PIXHAWK PX4 2.4.8 32-bit Autopilot Flight Controller for Quadcopter ,Multicopter

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  • Product: PIXHAWK autopilot flight controller without gps
  • Version: 2.4.8
  • Model: PIX2.4.8 32-bit
  • Quality: good quality
  • Dimension: 82mm x 50mm x 16mm

PIXHAWK 2.4.8 autopilot is a general-purpose flight controller based on autopilot mega or APM. it is an open-source project from 3DR. The flight controller combines the functionality of the PX4MU and PX4IO and strong input control of the 32-bit processor.

                   This flight controller features with currently most advanced processor technology from STMelectronics sensor technology from Bosch InvenSense and a NuttX real-time operating system.              Combining all the features it provides incredible performance flexibility and reliability to control any autonomous vehicle drone or quadcopter. The device has 2 external SPI buses and six associated chip select lines which allows other sensors to the interface. Total it has 4 buses two for external applications and 2 grouped with serial ports with GPS or compass module.




Main on-board processor: STM32F427 (32-bit ARM Cortex M4 with hardware floating-point processing unit)

Main frequency: 256K 168MHZ RAM

Q32-bit STM32F103 backup coprocessor



L3GD20 3 axis digital 16-bit gyroscope

LSM303D 3 axis - 14 bit accelerometer magnetometer

MPU6000 6 axis accelerometer magnetometer

MS5611 high precision barometer



5* UART 1*compatible high voltage 2*hardware flow control


Spektrum DSM/DSM2/DSM-X satellite receiver compatible input

Futaba SBUS compatible input and output</li>

PPM signal input

RSSI (PWM or voltage) input



3.3 and 6.6VADC input

External USB MICRO interface



Advanced 32 bit CortexM4 ARM high-performance processor can run RTOS NuttX real-time operating the system

Integrated backup power supply and failure backup controller the main controller can be safely switched to the backup control</li>

Provide redundant power input and fault transfer function

14* PWM/ actuator output

Bus interface (UART I2C SPI CAN)

Provide automatic and manual mode

Color LED lamp

Multi-tone buzzer interface

Micro SD to record flight data


Package included

1 x 2.4.8 Pixhawk main control

1 x Safety switch

1 x Flight control shell

1 x Buzzer

1 x 6pin to 6pin line

1 x 4Pin to&nbsp; 4Pin line

1 x 3pin DuPont line


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