MOC3023 Optocoupler Random Phase Optoisolator Phototriac Driver IC

MOC3023 Optocoupler Random Phase Optoisolator Phototriac Driver IC

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MOC3023 is a random phase generator optocoupler with trial driver output. The devices come with a 6 pin DIP through-hole package. The internal IC consists of gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode and optically coupled or activated silicon bilateral switch which functions like a triac. The device interfaces between electronics control and power triac and can handle the load up to 115VAC.


Maximum reverse voltage: 6V

Forward voltage: 1.15V to 1.5V

Maximum continuous forward current: 60mA

Reverse current: 10�A

Off-state output terminal voltage: 400V

Peak repetitive surge current: 1A

Collector power dissipation: 300mW

Maximum continuous output current: 100mA

Total power dissipation: 330mW

Isolation voltage: 5000Vrms

Maximum turn-on time: 20�s


Lamp ballasts and lamp dimmers

Solenoid or valve control

Motor control

Solid-state relay

Interfacing microprocessor to 115VAC supply

Package contains

1 x MOC2023 optocoupler IC

Product Details :

IC type optocoupler
IC number MOC3023
IC color White
Dimension 3.53mm x 8.89mm x 6.6mm
Case type 6-DIP
Number of pins 6
Pin type through holes

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