MC1408 8-bit DAC Multiplying Digital to Analog Converter IC

MC1408 8-bit DAC Multiplying Digital to Analog Converter IC

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 Fast settling time 70ns (type).

 Relative accuracy 0.19% (max error).

 High-speed multiplying rate 4.0mA/s (input slew).

 Output voltage swing +0.5V to 5.0V.

The MC1408 series of 8-bit monolithic digital-to-analog converters provide high-speed performance at a low cost. They are designed to use where the output current is a linear product of an 8-bit digital string and an analog reference voltage.



Fast settling time ? 70ns (type).

Relative accuracy 0.19% (max error).

TTL and CMOS are compatible with Non-inverting digital inputs.

High-speed multiplying rate 4.0mA/s (input slew).

Output voltage swing +0.5V to ?5.0V.

supply voltage range +5.0V and ?5.0V to ?15V.

Military qualifications pending.


Key Specifications:


Symbol Parameters Rating Units.

VCC Positive power supply voltage 5.5 V.

 VEE Negative power supply voltage ?16.5 V.

V5-V12 Digital input voltage 0 to VCC V.

VO Applied output voltage ?5.2 to +18 V.

I14 Reference current 5 mA.

V14 V15 Reference amplifier inputs VEE to VCC.

PD Maximum power dissipation TA = 25C (still-air).

F package 1190 m W.

N package 1450 m W.

D package 1080 m W.

TSOLD Lead soldering temperature (10 sec) 300 C.

TA Operating temperature range 300 C.

MC1408 0 to +75 C.

TSTG Storage temperature range -65 to +150C.





Tracking A-to-D converters.

2 1/2-digit panel meters and DVMs.

Waveform synthesis  Sample-and-Hold.

Peak detector.

Programmable gain and attenuation.

CRT character generation.

Audio digitizing and decoding.

Programmable power supplies.

Analog-digital multiplication.

Digital-digital multiplication.

Analog-digital division.

Digital addition and subtraction.

Speech compression and expansion.

Stepping motor drive modems.

Servo motor and pen drivers.


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