LM324 IC Single Supply Quad OP-AMP IC

LM324 IC Single Supply Quad OP-AMP IC

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  • IC Number: LM324
  • Function: operational amplifier IC
  • Number of pins: 14
  • Mounting type: through hole
  • Package: DIP-14 plastic tube package

LM324 is a quad operational amplifier (OP-AMP) in one integrated circuit package and all 4 op-amps can be power by the single supply voltage. These amplifiers can operate from 3V to 32V and differential input voltage can be equal to the voltage supply.


Short circuit protected the output

The true differential input stage

Common mode supply voltage extended to a negative voltage

The low input bias current

Internally compensated

Four OP-AMP circuit in one IC package


Voltage supply

Single supply: 3V to 32V

Split supply: �1.5V to �16V

Input differential voltage supply: �32V

Current supply: 700�A

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