IRF510 100V 5.6A N-Channel Power MOSFET

IRF510 100V 5.6A N-Channel Power MOSFET

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  • Product: IRF510
  • Transistor type: MOSFET
  • Control channel: N-Channel
  • No of pins: 3
  • Package: TO-220AB
  • Mounting type: through hole
  • Package contains: 1 x IRF510 100V 5.6A N-Channel Power MOSFET


Dynamic dv/dt capability

Fully avalanche rated

Ultra low on-resistance

Ease of paralleling

Simple drive requirement

175? operating temperature


Drain-source voltage: -55V

Drain-gate voltage: -55V

Gate-source voltage: �20V

Continuous drain current:

At 25?: 5.6A

At 100?: 4A

Pulsed drain current: 20A

Maximum avalanche current: 5.6A

Gate threshold voltage: 2V to 4V

Drain-to-source leakage current: 25�A

Gate-to-source forward leakage: 100nA

Gate-to-source reverse leakage: -100nA

Rise time: 16nS

Fall time: 9.4nS

Turn-on delay time: 6.9nS

Turn-off delay time: 15nS

Diode forward voltage: 2.5V

Reverse recovery time: 100ns to 200ns

Reverse recovery charge: 0.44�C to 0.88�C

Maximum power dissipation: 43W</li>

Operating temperature: -55? to 175?

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