IR Proximity infrared sensor Module Obstacle detector

IR Proximity infrared sensor Module Obstacle detector

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  • Module: IR Sensor
  • Used in: Line tracking, heat detection, obstacle detection, etc
  • IC in module: LM358
  • Package contains: checked and unused 1 piece IR Sensor Module

The IR Sensor (Infrared Obstacle detector) Module has a pair of infrared transmitting and receiving diodes when the transmitted infrared light waves incident on any object the IR light rays get reflected back the reflected IR waves will be received by the receiver diode. The onboard comparator (LM358) circuitry does the processing and the green LED indicator lights up.

The module out[puts a 3 pin interface with Vcc GND and an OUTPUT pin via male jumpers. 3.3 to 5V is the operating voltage range. The onboard variable potentiometer helps to fine-tune the range of operation (to calibrate the distance) the effective distance range is 2cm to 5cm.


Operating wavelength: Near-infrared region; 700 nm to 1400 nm

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