GY-NEO6V2 NEO-6M V2 GPS Module with Antenna  and EPROM

GY-NEO6V2 NEO-6M V2 GPS Module with Antenna and EPROM

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  • Module: GY-NEO6V2 GPS module
  • Antenna type: ceramic
  • Module dimension: 25mm x 35mm
  • Antenna size: 25mm x 25mm
  • Mounting hole diameter: 3mm
  • Header pins: unsoldered
  • Number headers pin: 4

GY-NEO6V2 or NEO-6 is a product of U-Blox and comes in a series of stand-alone GPS receivers with the feature of the high-performance 6-position engine. It uses the latest technology of U-Blox and gives precise positioning. It has an onboard battery and memory that makes is perfect for battery-operated devices. The module is compatible with any microcontroller and Arduino and comes with an external Antenna.

NEO-6 GPS module has a very compact size with battery, memory EPROM and antenna. It has 4 pins only that makes it easy to interface with Arduino.


Onboard battery backup

External ceramic antenna

TTL compatible

Onboard EEPROM that saves data while power is off

Compact size

Compatible with Arduino and other microcontrollers

Led signal indicator

Adjustable baud rate


Supply voltage: 3V to 5V

Supply current: 67mA

Default baud rate: 9600 bps

Interface type: RS232 TTL

Antenna gain: 50 dB

Tracking and navigation sensitivity: -160 dBm

Reacquisition sensitivity: -160 dBm

Autonomous cold start sensitivity: -146 dBm

Capture time

Fastest cool start: 27s

Hot start: 1s

Navigation update rate

Default: 1Hz

Maximum: 5Hz

Communication protocol

By default NMEA

UBX binary

Compatible interfaces: UART, USB, SPI, and DDC

Operating temperature: -40? to 85?

Package Contains

1 x GPS module

1 x ceramic antenna

4 x header pins

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