DS1307 RTC Real Time Clock Module with CR2025 Cell

DS1307 RTC Real Time Clock Module with CR2025 Cell

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DS1307 Module is a real-time clock module with 32kHz and has an onboard battery backup. This module provides seconds minutes hours date week and year with leap-year compensation up to 2100. It is a small size module that?s why it is easy to plug in even on a breadboard. It has the functionality to set in 24 hours and 12 hours. It is a real time clock module so after removing the power also it sore the real-time and whenever power is given it starts with real time. Module is compatible with microprocessors and Arduino. 


Voltage supply range: 4.5V to 5.5V

Typical voltage supply: 5V

High (1) level voltage supply: 2.2V to 5.3V

Low (0) level voltage supply: -0.3V to +0.8V

Battery voltage:  2V to 3.3V

Power consumption: 500nA

Data storage: nonvolatile RAM


To make real time clock

Pin Description


SCL ? analog pin5

SDA ? analog pin4



Product Details :

Module type DS1307 RTC
No of pins 5
Battery backup onboard
Board dimension 44mm x 24mm
package contains 1 x DS1307 RTC Module 1 x CR2025 cell

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