CD4026 Decade Counter/Divider - 7 Segment Driver IC

CD4026 Decade Counter/Divider - 7 Segment Driver IC

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  • IC: CD4026
  • Function: Decade counter and 7 segment driver
  • Pin counts: 16
  • Mounting type: through hole
  • Package: PDIP-16
  • Package contains: 1 x CD4026 Counter IC

CD4026 is a decade counter which consists of a 5-stage Johnson decade counter. It has an output decoder which converts the johnson output to 7-segment decoder output. It drives 1 stage (0-9) numeric count directly to a common cathode 7 segment display. Increasing the count as simple with CD4026 IC as by giving a high clock pulse. Displaying multiple digits is also possible by cascading more than 1 CD4026 IC. It comes in standard 16-pin PDIP.


Counter and 7-segment decoder in a single package

Drives common cathode type 7 segment display directly

Easy to increase the count by giving a high clock pulse

Can be displayed more than 1 digit by cascading more than 1 CD4026 IC

Ideal for low-power display

Interfacing with microcontroller and timer is simple

Fully static counter operation

Schmitt-triggered clock inputs


Voltage supply range: 3V to 18V

Maximum clock frequency: 6zhz

DC input current: �10mA

Power dissipation: 500mW


7 segment display counter

Frequency division 7-segment decimal display

Can be used as a counter in clock and timer

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