CD4008 4 Bit Full Adder IC

CD4008 4 Bit Full Adder IC

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This IC is a high speed high voltage 4-bit full Adder IC with carrying out features. The IC has four separate stages of full adder circuits in a single package. It is commonly used in applications where arithmetic operations are involved. Although today we have cheap microcontrollers that could perform all arithmetic operations required for our application in the early days the ICs like Adder Counter flip-flops etc were used for the same. This way the complexity and the BOM cost of the circuit design will greatly go low.

The CD4008 is a Full Adder with Carrying in and Carry out features. It is a four-stage 4-bit counter meaning it has four individual Full adder circuits each of 4-bit inside a single package. It can also be easily cascaded if more than four stages are required.


4-bit Full Adder with carrying Out

Nominal Operating Voltage: 5V 10V 15V

Maximum Operating Voltage: 20V

Sum-in to Sum-out time: 160nS

Noise Margin when operating at 5V: 1V

Maximum Input Low Voltage: 1.5V

Minimum Input High Voltage: 3.5V

Available in 16-pin PDIP CDIPSOIC TSSOP packages


High-Speed Arithmetic operations

Miniature calculators


Simple logic control designs

Product Details :

IC number CD4008 or 4008 IC
Function 4 bit full adder
Number of pins 16
Mounting type through holes
Packing PDIP-16

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