BS170 200V 250mA Small Signal N-Channel MOSFET

BS170 200V 250mA Small Signal N-Channel MOSFET

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  • MOSFET number: BS170
  • Channel: N-Channel
  • Channel mode: Enhancement
  • Package: TO-92
  • Pin counts: 3
  • Mounting type: Through Hole
  • Package contains: 1 x BS170 MOSFET Original

BS170 is an N-Channel Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor-Field-Effect-Transistor or MOSFET. It has a TO-92 package with 200V and 250mA ratings. Its synonym is Metal-Insulated-Semiconductor-Field-Effect-Transistor or MISFET.


Drain-source voltage: 200V

Continuous gate-source voltage: �20

Continuous drain current: 250mA

Pulsed drain current: 500mA

Power dissipation: 350mW

Typical turn-on time: 6 to 15 ns

Typical turn-off time: 12 to 15 ns


Switching and amplification


Exceeding the maximum limit of rating may damage the device

Power dissipation of the device may result in lower continuous drain current

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