BC327 PNP Amplifier Transistor

BC327 PNP Amplifier Transistor

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  • Product: BC327 Transistor
  • Polarity: PNPNumber of pins: 3
  • package: TO-92
  • Mounting type: Through hole
  • Package contains: 5 x BC327 General Purpose PNP Transistor


Collector-emitter voltage: -45V

Collector-base voltage: -50V

Emitter-base voltage: -5V

Continuous collector current: -800mA

DC current gain (hFE): 100 to 630

Total power dissipation: 1.5W

Storage and operating temperature range: -55? to +150?


Used in driver and output stages of audio amplifiers

The output of the microcontroller to drive load

Any type of signal amplification

Audio amps stages

Can driver load up to 800mA

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