Arduino LilyPad ATmega328 Main Board

Arduino LilyPad ATmega328 Main Board

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  • Microcontroller used: Atmega328P
  • Arduino type: Arduino LilyPad
  • Package contains: 1 x Arduino LilyPad

Arduino LilyPad is the main board of Atmega328P and functions the same as other Arduino boards. This Arduino is designed for wearable and e-textiles and can be sewn on fabric and mounted on sensors supplies and actuators with conductive threads. This is a development board of Atmega328p like other Arduino but has a minimum number of external components keeping the board as small as possible.


Operating voltage: 2.7V to 5.5V

Input-output pins

Digital: 14

Analog: 6

DC current per I/O pins: 40mA

Flash memory: 16 KB (2KB is used for the bootloader)


EEPROM: 512 bytes

Clock frequency: 8 MHz


Arduino LilyPad should only be programmed with software 0010 or higher.

It can be programmed using earlier version also but all the time-related function will be off (twice as slow as it should be)

It is compatible with an FTDI cable and Arduino Pro/ProMini programmer.

Updated LilyPad is not compatible with LilyPad USB Link.


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