AMS1117 5V Voltage Regulator IC SMD SOT-223

AMS1117 5V Voltage Regulator IC SMD SOT-223

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AMS1117 5V is a low dropout voltage regulator IC rated with 1A current and optimized for low voltage where transient response and the minimum input voltage is critical. It is a 3 terminal IC with a SOT-223 SMD package. This comes with on-chip thermal limiting protection which protects from any combination of overload and excessive junction temperature.

It gives fixed 5V output at any input voltage up to 18V, which is suitable for any TTL or logic level devices like sensors, ICs, etc.


        Input voltage: up to 18V

Output voltage: 5V?

Current: 1A

Operating temperature: -20�C to 125�C

Product Details :

IC number AMS1117
Type 5V voltage regulator
Package SOT-223
No of pins 3
Pin type SMD

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