ADXL345 Triple Axis Linear Digital Acceleration for Arduino

ADXL345 Triple Axis Linear Digital Acceleration for Arduino

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  • Module: ADXL345 Accelerator
  • Axis: 3
  • Number of pins: 8
  • Header pins: not soldered
  • Package contains: 1 x ADXL345 accelerator Module

ADXL345 is a 3 axis accelerometer with ultra low power thin and small features and has high resolution measurement up to 16g. It is a MEMS ( Micro Electro Mechanical System) accelerometer with I2C and SPI interface.

The module can measure the static acceleration of gravity in the tilt-sensing applications and dynamic acceleration because of vibrations and shock. The module comes with high resolution 3.9mb/LSB acceleration measurement capability which makes it capable to measure less than 1 degree.


Voltage supply: 2 to 3.6V

Current supply: 140A

Turn-on and wake-up time: 1.4ms

Measurement range: 2 ,4 ,8 and 16

Inter axis alignment error: 0.1 degree

Output resolution: up to 13 bit ( for 16g)


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Gaming instruments


Hard disc protection

Navigation device

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