7447 IC BCD to seven segment decoder driver

7447 IC BCD to seven segment decoder driver

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Product Specification?

  • IC number: 7447
  • Applicable for: BCD to 7 Segment converters and displays number from 0 to 9
  • Maximum Voltage supply: 5.25V
  • Minimum Voltage supply: 4.75V
  • Package contains: checked and unused 1 piece of 7447 Ic
  • Type: DIP
  • Pins: 16

7447 or 74LS47 decodes BCD into 7 Segments which means it accepts a binary coded decimal or BCD Values as input and decoded into a pattern that drives a 7-segment for displaying digits 0 to 9 so its name is BCD to 7 segment driver or decoder. Its input is 4 lines BCD data and generates complements as output. The generation of complement data of BCD is internally so no coding or programming is required to generate it.


Large Voltage range

<li>Has open collector output which directly drives the indicator

Has a wide range of operating conditions

No need for external resistors because of internal pull-ups

No high-speed termination because of the input clamp diode

4 the number of input lines and 7 output lines

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