7408 IC Quad 2 input AND Gate IC

7408 IC Quad 2 input AND Gate IC

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  • Gate Type: AND Gate IC
  • Number of Gates count in one IC: 4 Gates
  • Inputs Number per Gate: 2
  • Pin type: through hole
  • package type: PDIP-14
  • Number of pins: 14
  • Power Consumption: Low
  • Package Contains: 1 x 7408 AND gate IC

7408 IC is a member of 74xxx series gate ICs and has the functionality of AND gate or function. 7408 has 4 AND gates of 2 inputs in 1 package.  The internal gates in the ICs are made of Schottky Transistor of low power.


Large operating voltage

Its operating conditions are wide

Maximum Current that output can draw: 8mA

It has TTL outputs

Its power consumption is low

The range of operating voltage: 4.75V to 5.5V

Maximum limit of voltage: 7V

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