7107  3 + 1/2 Digit LED Driver IC with A to D  Converter

7107 3 + 1/2 Digit LED Driver IC with A to D Converter

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  • Product: 7107 ADC IC
  • Number of pins: 40
  • Mounting type: through hole
  • Package: 40 pin P-DIP
  • Package contains: 1 x 7107 3 + 1/2 Digit LED Driver IC with A to D Converter

7107 is a monolithic analog to digital converters (ADCs) with very high input independence and requires absolutely no external display drive circuitry. It can drive a common anode 4 digit 7 segment display directly. It has a resolution of 3+� bits which means it can display digital value from 0 to 1999. It uses a dual-slope ADC so an applied voltage is compared to reference voltage and then approximated to find the applied voltage. These features make it perfect for users who want to display the measured voltage without any MCU and programming. Users simply need to hook up a wire with a 7-segment display with an output of the IC and they will be ready to display the measured voltage.

The IC has inherent features of versatility and accuracy. The dual-slope ADC technique automatically rejects interference signals and the true differential input and reference are particularly important useful while making ratiometric measurement (ohms and bridge transducers).


Guaranteed zero reading for 0V input in all scale

Can directly drive a 4-digit 7-segment display without any MCU and programming

Dual slope ADC technique

3+� bit resolution and can display from 0 to 1999 digital value

<li>In-built oscillator clock and reference

Low power dissipation

Highly accurate and versatile

True polarity at 0 for precise null detection

Low noise and power dissipation

Absolutely no additional active circuit is required


Voltage supply

Single supply: 0 to 6V

Dual supply: -15V to +15V

Current supply: 0.6A to 1.8A

Input leakage current: 1 to 10 pA

Common-mode rejection ratio: 50 �V/V

Noise: 15�V

Typical rollover error and linearity: �0.2 counts

Maximum rollover error and linearity: �1 counts

Digital output value: 0 to 1999

Typical operating frequency: 48KHz

Operating and storage temperature range: -65? to 150?


Digital voltmeter and ammeter

Display voltage without MCU and programming

Instrument panel display

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