6 in 1 Basic Soldering Kit for Beginners

6 in 1 Basic Soldering Kit for Beginners

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RoboElements offers a basic soldering kit with all the basic components to use in soldering. It is a must-have product for beginners who sometimes do not know the name of all the soldering components but is compulsory for doing solder. This kit is planned to keep the pieces as minimum as it can be but do not compromise any quality of products.

The kit includes a solder iron/rod 10g wire wire cutter to cut the wires while soldering a pointed tip to solder small components desoldering wick (desolwick) to remove unwanted solder and flux to remove oxidation and also as a cleaning agent.

Kit contains:

Product Quantity Brand
Soldering Iron 25 watt   1 Hero (from siron)
Pointed Tip   1 Univolt
Soldering wire  10g Univolt
Desoldering wick 3mm x 305mm JIPVI
Flux  15g JIPVI
Wire striper and Cutter 1 EGO 150B

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