5v-20v Small Piezoelectric Active Buzzer Beeper Alarm

5v-20v Small Piezoelectric Active Buzzer Beeper Alarm

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The piezo buzzer works on the principle of the piezoelectric effect and produces sound based on the reverse of the piezoelectric effect. the electric potentials difference across piezo material is a reason to generate pressure variations. Piezo buzzer is most famous among other types of buzzers because of the higher sound generation using less current. Other names of buzzers are an audio alarm beepers audio indicator audio transducer audible alarm.


Operating voltage: 4v to 8v

Rated voltage: 6v

Rated current: 25mA

Operating current: 30mA

Oscillator frequency: 3.2kHz

Sound level: 85dB

Sound tone: continuous

Product Details :

breadboard friendly
Works as beeper and alarm

Buzzer type Piezoelectric
Diameter 25mm
Height 35mm
Weight 20gm
Polarity marked on surface
Number of pins 2
Pin type through holes
Package contains big piezo buzzer
color black

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