5pcs S8550 General Purpose PNP Transistor

5pcs S8550 General Purpose PNP Transistor

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  • Product: S8550 general purpose transistor
  • Polarity: PNP
  • Package: TO-92
  • Number of pins: 3
  • Mounting type through hole
  • Package contains: 5 x S8550 General Purpose PNP Transistor

S8550 is a low voltage and high current transistor. It is a general-purpose PNP transistor designed for audio amplification and class B push-pull application

It is the best complementary of UTC S8050 Transistor


Collector-Base voltage: -30V

Collector-Emitter voltage: -20V

Emitter-Base voltage: -5V

Collector current: -700mA

Continuous collector current: 500mA

Collector dissipation: 1W

DC current gain HFE: 80 to 300

Operating temperature: 65? to 150?



Class B push-pull applicatio

Audio amplification and switching application

Low signal application

Circuit with the high gain requirement

Package contains

1 x Original UTC S8550 PNP Transistor

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