3pc C945 general purpose NPN Transistor TO-92

3pc C945 general purpose NPN Transistor TO-92

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C945 is a general-purpose NPN transistor used in many switching and amplification purpose. This transistor features low noise and excellent linear DC gain.


Collector-base voltage: 60V

Collector-emitter voltage: 50V

Emitter-base voltage: 5V

Continuous collector current: 150mA

Power dissipation: 400mW

DC current gain hfe: 70-700

Noise figure: 10dB

Transition frequency: 200mHz

Storage and operating temperature: -55? to 125?


Switching loans under 150mA

Darlington pair

RF circuit

General amplification circuit

Product Details :

Product Transistor
Number C945
Polarity NPN
Package TO-92
Number of pins 3
pin type through holes

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