25N120 1200V Fast IGBT Power Transistor

25N120 1200V Fast IGBT Power Transistor

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  • Product: IGBT
  • IC: 25N120
  • Number of pins: 3
  • Mounting type: through hole
  • Package: TO-3PN
  • Package contains: 1 x 25N120 Fast IGBT

25N120 is a high voltage and high current IGBT and can switch up to 1200V and 50A current. It is manufactured with NPT (Non Punch Through) trench technology because of that it has very low switching loss and low saturation voltage that makes it compatible to use in low voltage switching driver designs and get comparatively high efficiency for its switching range. It has a very low gate saturation gate voltage of 2V that makes it suitable to use in low voltage side drivers design. This IGBT is perfect for resonant and soft-switching applications like induction heating microwave oven etc.


NPT trench technology

Positive temperature coefficient

Superior conduction and switching performance high avalanche ruggedness and easy parallel operation

High voltage and current device

Can handle current spike up to 90A

Low switching loss and saturation voltage


Collector-emitter voltage: 1200V

Gate-emitter voltage: �20V

Minimum gate-emitter threshold voltage: 3.5V

Maximum gate-emitter threshold voltage: 7.5V

Typical gate-emitter threshold voltage: 5.5V</li>

Collector to emitter saturation voltage: 2V to 2.65V (vary with temperature current and voltage conditions)

Collector current

At 25?: 50V

At 50?: 25V

Maximum pulsed collector current: 90A

Diode continuous forward current: 25A

Diode maximum forward current:&nbsp; 150A

Collector cut-off current: 3mA

Gate-emitter leakage current: �250nA

Rise time: 60ns

Fall time: 100ns

Storage and operating temperature: -55? to 150V


High current and voltage switching application

Resonant and soft switching applications like induction heating microwave oven etc

Tesla coils

Inverter and converter circuits

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