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TP4056 1A 5V Li-Ion Battery Charging B Type Module with Current Protection - R227


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Product Details B - type

  • Product: TP4056 module with current protection
  • Charge control IC: TP4056
  • Current protection IC: DW01
  • Dimension: 30mm x 17mm x 6mm
  • Package contains: 1 x TP4056 1A 5V Li-Ion Battery Charging Module with Current Protection

TP4056 with current protection is a compact module perfect for 18650 Li-Ion batteries that do not have their own protection circuit. The module is an advanced version of the TP4056 module that used not to have a current protection circuit onboard. Based on the TP4056 charger IC and DW01 battery protection IC of this module will offer 1A charge current and then cut off when finished. The module is basically made for charging rechargeable lithium batteries using the constant current/constant voltage charging method.


Protection Features :-

Manages the constant current to constant voltage charging of a connected lithium-ion battery

Over-discharge protection? keeps your battery from being over-discharged below 2.4V (a healthy minimum voltage level of your battery)


If a connected battery has been discharged below 2.4V the module will cut output power from the battery until the battery voltage has been re-charged above 3V (the over-discharged release voltage) which at that time the module will again allow discharge of the power from the battery to a connected load. Although the module cuts power from the battery during an over-discharge situation it still allows the charging of a battery to occur through the parasitic diode of the discharge control MOSFET (FS8205A Dual MOSFET).

Overcharge protection ? the module will salt charge the battery to 4.2V

Overcurrent and short circuit protection? the module will cut output power from the battery if the discharge rate exceeds 3A or if a short-circuit condition occurs.

   Soft-start protection limits inrush current

Trickle charge/battery reconditioning? if the voltage level of a connected battery is less than 2.9V the module will use a trickle charge current of 1300mA until battery voltage reaches 2.9V at which point the charge current will be linearly increased to the configured rage current.



Input voltage: 4.5V to 5.5V

Full-charge voltage: 4.2V

Over-current protection: 3A

Constant charge current: 1A

Under-voltage protection: 2.5V

Input interface: micro USB port

Charging mode: linear

Charging precision: 1.5%

Current protection: 1A

Inversed polarity: no

Rated power: 4.2W

Operating temperature range: -10? to +85?


LED and Indication

Red/Green/Blue: fully charged



The Ampere meter can only be connected to a 5V input end of the module

It is better than the charging Current is 37%of the battery capacity. If you charge the battery of 100mAh a current of 400mA is enough.

The connection wire should be thick

Make sure the connection point is good

If the input voltage is too high like 2.5v the current will be less than 1000mA it is normal. It is a protection function auto-subtract the charging current to avoid burn damage to the chip.

No reverse polarity

TP4056 1A 5V Li-Ion Battery Charging Module with Current Protection - R227

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