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Tec1-12706 Thermoelectric Peltier Module - r22

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Tec1-12706 Thermoelectric Peltier Module - r22

Tech1-127069 is a Peltier cooler module and works on the principle of Peltier effect. This module transfers heat from one side to another depending on the direction of the current thus called the thermodynamic heat pump.


The module is based on semiconductor components  comes in 40mm x 40mm dimension and features 170 semiconductor couples in this area which is very efficient to cool and heat-up up to 90.?


This Peltier module works as cooler or heater depending on the application in many devices like a portable refrigerator computer CPU medical instruments etc.



Efficient and effective cooling and heating

Solid state device

No noise as there is no moving part

Precise temperature control

Small size and compact structure




Portable refrigerator

Cooler box for car

Medical instruments

Liquid cooler

Temperature stabilizer



Don?t use this module without cooling fan and heatsink

Don?t try to exceed the maximum rating of the device it can permanently damage the module

Product Details

ProductPeltier Thermodynamic Module or Thermodynamic heat pump
Model NumberTEC1-12706
Dimension40mm x 40mm
Terminal2( Red and Black color)

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