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Priyanka 100 - 250v Safety Line Tester - R377

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Priyanka Safety Line Tester (100-250V) is a handy tool used for testing electrical circuits and determining the presence of live electrical current. It features a durable, high-quality plastic body that ensures its longevity and performance. The tester comes with a bright yellow body that makes it easy to spot and identify in a toolbox. The tester is designed to provide reliable and accurate results, with a clear visual and audible indication of the presence of voltage. Priyanka Safety Line Tester is a versatile tool suitable for use by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike in commercial and residential settings.


The soft body material of these screwdrivers offer you a comfortable grip
Manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field
Clip for safe carrying in pocket
Distinct glow of Neon lamp identifies line live. Features a clip for safe carrying in pocket
Ergonomic Design and High In Quality
Yellow color Handle
Type Line Tester 
Brand Priyanka
Material Hard Plastic and Metal
Color Yellow
Indicator Visual - Light Indicator
Quantity 1
Blade length 17.5 mm
Product length 130mm

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