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NE555 555 Timer IC Square Wave Pulse Generator IC smd - r157

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  • IC Number: LM555
  • IC Function: Timer IC
  • Pin number: 8
  • Number of timer circuit: 4 in 1 IC Package
  • Wide Voltage supply
  • Can work in wide conditions
  • Package contains: checked and unused 1 piece of LM555.

555 timer IC has many applications like a timer pulse generation and oscillation. Other than it also finds its application to provide time delays as an oscillator and as flip flop element. LM555 Timer IC has 4 timer circuit in one package.


Specification and Features:

supply voltage: +5 Volts to +18 Volts.

Sinking or sourcing load current 200 mA.

555 Timer IC output corrent is high because of that it can drive TTL

555 timer IC drives the output of TTL because of High current output

Temperature stability: 50 parts per million (ppm) per degree Celsius change in temperture which is equivalent to 0.005 %/ �C.

The duty cycle of the timer: adjustable.

the maximum power dissipation per package: 600 mW and its trigger and reset inputs has logic compatibility.


Working modes:

Astable mode

Mono-stable mode

Bi-stable mode



Fingerprint Biometrics

ris Biometrics

RFID Reader

Mini inverters

pulse generator

Frequency generator


Package/Case PDIP-8

Minimum Supply Voltage 4.5 V

Maximum Supply Voltage 16 V

Product Type

Timers & Support Products

SPWM support No

No. of Timers/Counters 1

Operating Temperature Range 0�C to 70�C

Dimensions (mm) LxWxH

9.81 x 4.57 x 6.35

Mounting Style  Through Hole

Package Includes: 1 x NE 555 P PDIP-8 Timer IC

NE555 555 Timer IC Square Wave Pulse Generator IC smd - r157

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