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LM386 Low Voltage Audio Amplifier IC - r97

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LM386 Low Voltage Audio Amplifier IC - r97

LM386 is low power and low voltage audio amplifier IC with a mini DIP-8 package. It has an adjustable gain from 20 to 200 by implementing some external resistors and capacitors. This IC allows for increasing the volume. Being low voltage the device can be powered by a simple battery in the electronics circuits.



Low power and low voltage

Battery operation

Low static power drain

Low quiescent current drain of 4mA

Low distortion

Wide range of gain

Input is referenced by ground

Minimum external components



TV sound system

Radio amplifier and booster

Used in a speaker of portable devices

Ultrasonic small servo and line drivers

Power converters



Voltage supply: 4V to 15V

Analog input voltage: -0.4V to +0.4V

Quiescent current: 4 to 8mA

Output power: 250 to 700mW

Typical bandwidth: 300KHz

Input resistance: 50k?

Input bias current: 250nA

Total harmonic distortion: 0.2%

Operating temperature: 0�C to 70�C

Product Details :

Product typeaudio amplifier IC
IC numberLM386
Number of pins8
Pin typethrough holes

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