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LM317T 1.2v to 37v Adjustable Voltage regulator IC - R36

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LM317 is an adjustable voltage regulator IC from 1.2v to 37v with a current rating of 1.5A. Different range of output is set by using two external resistors. It comes with three terminal TO-220 packages. The ic features an inbuilt thermal shutdown, current limiting, and safe area compensation.


Input voltage: 0.3v to 40v

Output voltage: 1.2v to 37v

input-to-output differential voltage: 0.3v to 40v

Output current: 0.01A to 1.5A

Adjustable pin current: 50 to 100�A



Continuous use of the device for the long-time may change some functionality

Use suitable heat sink to avoid damage because of heat


Package contains

1 x LM317 adjustable voltage regulator

LM317T 1.2v to 37v Adjustable Voltage regulator IC - R36 

Product Details :

Product typevarible voltage regulator
IC numberLM317
Number of pins3
Pin typethrough holes

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