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Inline Fuse Holder - r360

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Inline Fuse Holder - r360


5*20mm 5A 220V Fuse Box Fuse Seat Belt Line Full Copper Strip Spring Home Protection Inline Fuse Holder with Copper Wire Components.

This is an inline 20×5 mm fuse holder. It's useful where the space for mounting fuse holder is not available in the device. We can connect this fuse holder directly via soldering it to the connections in series, by cutting it in half. One end of the fuse holder is soldered with wire, and another end is fitted into the device or connector, making a series connection. The inline Fuse Holder supports a fuse size of 20 x 5 mm. The max Current Rating is 5A @ 250V.


Voltage Rating 230V
Current Rating5A
Fuse Size5mmx20mm
Lead Wire Size16AWG

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