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CDRH127 100uh 101 SMD Power Inductor - R383

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Its an electrical component CDRH127 100uH Power Inductor is passive. It has copper wire coiled on a ferrite drum. This inductor's terminals, commonly known as pads, are made for surface attachment. Magnetic shielding is also present on the inductor. Also, this inductor has the moisture sensitivity rating of 1 that is the greatest. These inductors are magnetic shielded structured, low direct current resistance, high rated current surface mount SMD power inductor. These are lead-free products, RoHS compliant. These inductors are widely used in buck converters, laptops, displays, network communication equipment, and etc. Its mechanical strength and thermal stability are good enough to bear the temperature changes from the reflow soldering and the outside force. It is mini size, high energy-stored, low resistance makes it an ideal inductor when used in the PDA, DC/DC switches.


Model CDRH127
Type Inductor
Inductance 100uH(101)
Mounting Style SMD
Tolerance 20%
L×W×H 12x12x6

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