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BZV55C15 15V Zener Diode 500mW 5% Tolerance SOD80 Package of 5 - r311

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BZV55C15 15V Zener Diode 500mW 5% Tolerance SOD80 Package

This is the BZV55C15 Zener diode. A Zener Diode is a semiconductor device that is used to conduct current either in the forward or reverse direction. The diode consists of a special, heavily doped p-n junction, designed to conduct in the reverse direction when a certain specified voltage (Zener voltage) is reached. Every Zener diode has a well defined reverse breakdown voltage after which it starts conducting current in reverse bias mode without getting damaged. This is known as the Zener voltage. The device has a Zener voltage of 15V and a standard tolerance on the normal Zener voltage of ±5%. This means that the Zener voltage of the diode varies by about ±5% of the actual value mentioned in practical applications. 


  • Zener impedance is low
  • Tolerance selection of ±5%
  • Surface mounted applications to optimize board space


  • Low voltage stabilizers or voltage references
  • Adapters for laptop charging
  • An important component in clipper circuits
  • On-board DC/DC converter


Zener Voltage15V
Power dissipation500mW
Impedance at Test Current110Ω at 1mA
Junction Temperature-65°C~175°C
Storage Temperature -65°C~175°C

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