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Arduino uno R3 Atmega328p development Board - r275

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Arduino uno R3 Atmega328p development Board - r275

Arduno Uno R3 Board has:

  • 14 digital input/output pins,
  • 6 analogue inputs,
  • 16 MHz crystal oscillator,
  • USB connection,
  • power jack,
  • ICSP header

Arduino Uno is a complete development board of microcontroller ATmega328. It is most commonly used Arduino because of compact size number of input output pins price availability etc. It has 14 Digital input output pins in which 6 pins provide PWM outputs and 6 Analog output pins. It has everything that a general Arduino based project need.


Basics Components on Arduino Uno Board:

14 Digital and 6 Analog output pins

A crystal oscillator of 16 MHz to provide 16MHz clock speed

To power it has a USB connection and a power jack

ICSP header and

A reset button to upload new or reload the programme


Arduino Uno R3 Board Programming


The most common way to program Arduino Uno is Arduino IDE software


The microcontroller in Arduino Mega Atmega328 comes preburned with bootloader because of that anyone can burn or upload new code without any external hardware programmer and communicates using original STK500 Protocol.


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