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6uF 605K 250V AC Polyester Film Capacitor - R384

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The 6uF 250V Polyester Film Capacitor is made of two metal plates with the polyester film sandwiched between them, or the insulator might be covered with a metalized film.
Polyester is the most widely utilized dielectric material in this capacitor, allowing the capacitor's construction to be simplified. These capacitors are pretty inexpensive and have excellent self-healing properties. The dielectric & construction of polyester PET capacitors are used in different applications wherever sharp; spikes of quick rise time are there when they contain high dV/dt.


This capacitor is used where maximum levels of peak current need to handle
Used in different low-frequency pulsating & DC circuits
Used for filtering wherever high levels of tolerance are not necessary.
Used in the applications of coupling, decoupling & blocking of DC
Used in power supplies wherever the levels of the highly high capacitance of electrolytic capacitors are not required.
Model 605k 250VAC HF
Capacitor Value 6uF
Rated Voltage 250V AC
Tolerance ±10%
Mounting Type Through Hole
Type Polyester Film Capacitor
Pitch 20mm
Capacitor Dimension (L*W*D) 28mmx13mm

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