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40 x 40mm 5V 0.90W Brushless DC Cooling Fan - r356

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40 x 40mm 5V 0.90W Brushless DC Cooling Fan - r356



This is a High-Quality Cooling Fan. The cooling fan comprising of a Brushless DC Motor with a precise vapo bearing system, this cooling fan can deliver an airflow up to 8.0 CFM, which is sufficient enough to keep the electronics cool. It can be used with Raspberry Pi boards, 3D printers, and other electronic systems. A Brushless DC (BLDC) motor cooling fan is a type of cooling fan that uses a brushless DC motor to drive the fan blades. It is commonly used in various electronic devices and equipment to dissipate heat and maintain optimal operating temperatures. BLDC fans offer several advantages over traditional brushed DC motor fans, including improved efficiency, reduced noise, and longer lifespan


  • Its Voltage is 5V
  • Its Power is 0.90W
  • Its used as an exhaust Fan or for the Cooling of the devices
TypeDC Cooling Fan

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