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40 Pin Dip IC base Socket Connector - r187

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Product specifications:

  • Product type: IC base
  • Number of pins: 40
  • Package contains: 1 40 pin IC base

IC Base or IC Socket is support for ICs for prototyping. Direct soldering in the PCB can damage the ICs and it is very difficult to replace damaged components or IC from PCD after soldering. IC base is used to neglect these kinds of damage and difficulties as the maker can directly solder the IC and it is not an actual IC so there is no problem of IC damage because of heat. IC base allows ICs or programmable chips to quickly remove from the circuit and reinsert.


It is a 40 pin IC base so it is compatible with any 40 pins ICs.



Maximum reliability

It has tapered entry for ease of insertion

Available in different sizes and shape according to ic Cheap

Pitch size: .100/(2.54mm)

It has Closed bottom sleeve for 100% anti-wicking of solder

40 Pin Dip IC base Socket Connector - r187

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