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4 Pin JST Connector Male - 2.54mm Pitch - Nee

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It's a 4 Pin JST Connector Male - 2.54mm Pitch. This connector serves a variety of functions, including providing AC power to PCs and lab equipment, connecting CCTV cameras and other electronic devices, operating various forms of remote-control vehicles (cars, boats, and planes), and in DIY Projects.
JST 4 Pin Connec4A32tor Male 
Pitch: 2.54 mm 
These are often referred to as “JST” or “BEC” Connectors and are commonly used for battery and motor connections on small electric planes.
The Image does not represent the actual number of pins.  
Connector | JST Cable Connectors | JST Connector Male | 4 Pin Male Connector | 4 Pin JST Male Connectors.
Type JST-XH 
Variant Male 
Pitch 2.54 mm 
Number of Pins 4
Colour White/Yellow

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