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2 Pin JST Connector Male (90 degree) - 2mm Pitch - R376

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JST-XH Connector Male 2 Pins 2mm Pitch is an electrical connector that is used in rechargeable battery packs, radio-controlled servos, battery balancers, etc. The connector is made from good-quality plastic and has nickel-plated terminals.

JST 2 Pin Connector Plug 90 Degree
These are often referred to as “JST” or “BEC” Connectors and are commonly used for battery and motor connections on small electric planes.

Connector | JST Cable Connectors | JST-XH Connector | JST XH Connector | 2mm Pitch JST connector | JST Connector Right Angle.
Connector Type JST-XH
Variant Male 90 Degree (L Shape)
Number of Pins 2
Pitch 2 mm
Color White/Yellow

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