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1pc 12mm LDR Light Dependent Resistor Photoresistor - r193

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Product Specifications

  • Size: 12mm
  • Material: Semiconductor Materials having high resistivities like Silicon or Germanium and copper
  • Package content: Light Dependent Resistor or LDR of 2 pieces
  • Shape: Round
  • Also called photoresistor, photocells, photoconductor and photo conducting cell

LDR stands for the light-dependent resistor or a photoresistor is basically a resistor whose resistance decreases with an increase in incident light intensity(photoconductivity).


A photoresistor is made up of high resistance semiconductor material. If the light falling on the LDR is of high enough frequency and energy density photons get absorbed by the semiconductor gives band electrons enough energy to jump to the conduction resulting in free-electron conduct electricity lowering resistance.


<p>LDR is made of Semiconductor materials with high Resistance like Silicon or Germanium. It is a light-sensitive device so this resistor has a different resistance value in day and night as given below



It requires less power to operate

Quick Response

Easy to use

Generate high current

Miniature open frame package.

Epoxy coated.

Moisture resistant.

Spectral response is similar to the human eye

Operating temperature: -30C ~ +70C

Response time: 20ms (Rise) 30ms (Down)


Camera Exposure Control

Colorimetric Test Equipment


Automatic Gain Control

Automated Rear View Mirror

Automatic Headlight Dimmer

Night Light Control

Oil Burner Flame Out

 Street Light Control

Position Sensor

Auto Slide Focus dual cell

Photocopy Machines  density of toner


Electronic Scales  dual cell



Max power dissipation 200mW

Max voltage at 0 lux 250V

Peak wavelength 560nm

Min. resistance at 10lux~10k

Max. resistance at 10lux~20k

Typ. resistance at 100lux~1k  5k

(Dark) resistance after 1 sec~1.7M

(Dark) resistance after 5 sec ~2M

1pc 12mm LDR Light Dependent Resistor Photoresistor - r193

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