H21A1 Slotted Optical Sensor OPTO Interrupter Sensor

H21A1 Slotted Optical Sensor OPTO Interrupter Sensor

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Product specifications

  • Product type: H21A1 Optical sensor
  • Colour: Black as shown in image
  • Pin counts: 4
  • Package contains: 1 X H21A1 Optical Sensor ? Slotted OPTO Interrupter

    H21A1 is an optical sensor consists of gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode which is coupled with silicon phototransistor in a plastic housing. the sensor design has features like optimizing the mechanical resolution coupling efficiency ambient light rejection cost and reliability. The housing has a gap which provides a means of interrupting signal with an opaque material and switches the output from ON to OFF state.


Sensing distance: 3mm

Sensing method: transmissive

Output configurations: phototransistor

Maximum emitter collector breakdown voltage: 30V

Maximum DC forward current: 50mA

Maximum collector current: 20mA

Response time: 8-15�

Mounting type: through hole

Package type: slotted

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