DS3231 I2C RTC Real Time Clock Module

DS3231 I2C RTC Real Time Clock Module

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DS3231 is an I2C integrated very precision real-time clock (RTC) Module. The module has an integrated temperature-compensated crystal oscillator and two alarm clock. The battery is given on a device that keeps module running while external power is absent and maintains accurate timekeeping. The device can work in both 12 Hr and 21 Hr format finding the GPS application.

 Features:                                                              Maintains seconds minutes hours days date month and year information

Two time-of-day alarm.

Programmable output

400Khz I2C interface

Timekeeping by onboard battery backup in absence of external power

Digital temperature sensor with accuracy �3�c

Easy interface with Arduino and other controllers


Operating voltage: 2.3V to 5.5V

Active supply current: 200�A to 300�A

Power consumption on battery backup: 500nA

Operating temperature: -45 ? to 80?

Pin Description


DIY clock

Robotics project

Computer peripherals

Package Contains

1 x DS3231 RTC Module

Product Details :

Product Real Time Clock (RTC) Module
Module DS3231
Number of pins 6
Header pins Soldered
Package Contain 1 x DS3231 RTC Module

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