LM358 IC Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier Op Amp IC

LM358 IC Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier Op Amp IC

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Lm358 is an operational amplifier IC. this IC is featured with high gain low power and internally frequency compensation. It has two independent op-amps with a single power supply in one IC package. This IC can also operate from the split power supply and the magnitude of the power supply does not affect the low power supply current drain.


power supply:

Single supply: 3v to 32v

Dual supply: �1.5v to �16v

Low supply current drain: 500�A (independent of the power supply)

Input offset voltage: 2mV

DC voltage gain: 100dB

Bandwidth: 1MHz

Internally frequency compensated for unity gain

Operating temperature: 0�C to 70�C

Soldering temperature: 260�C for 10s

Power dissipation: 830mW

Product Details :

IC number LM358
Function Operational Amplifier or simply Op-Amp
Number of Op-amp 2
number of pins 8
Pin type through holes
Package type DIP-8
Package contains 1 x LM358 IC

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